Dr. Scheller Rewards

Are you a regular Dr. Scheller customer? Do you often tell your friends and family members about how great Dr. Scheller products are? If you answer yes, we want to thank you for your support. We would also like to give something back to show our appreciation. Now you can earn Nature Coins with every purchase by joining our rewards program and redeem them for discounts whenever you like. See below for more information.

$1 spent = 5 Nature Coins
50 Nature Coins = $1 off
$5 off for both parties

Nature Coin

Why should I join the Dr. Scheller Rewards program?
Why not? You have nothing to lose and you can earn discounts.

Do I need a separate account to earn rewards?
Of course not. You use the same account to place orders and earn Nature Coins.

How do I refer somebody?
You need to share a personalized link through email or social media.

How exactly do I redeem Nature Coins?
A discount code will be sent to you for the amount you redeemed.

Can I redeem Nature Coins while also getting another discount?
Unfortunately, no. Only 1 discount code can be used per order. Discounts cannot be combined.

So how do I join the program?
Click on the gift box icon located on the lower left corner of the screen to get started.

DISCLAIMER: Nature Coins are virtual items that do not carry any monetary values and cannot be converted to cash in any form. They can only be redeemed for discounts to be used at our eCommerce store DrSchellerUSA.com. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this rewards program at any time without notice.